If you are planning on ordering please note we are now officially waitlisting orders. This means if you want to still try and have us shoot your game you can put in your order and we will see if some how we can sneak you into our schedule. If we get you shot awesome, if we don't we refund your money that night. Being our first year we didn't know what to expect and now we do. We will not sacrifice the quality of our work to just fill orders, but mark my words next year we will be ready to fill as many orders as we get.

Updated: Friday 9:47pm August 3rd.


Welcome to Match Point Photo and the 2018 Oregon Hoopla Photo Booking Page. 

We will be offering photography services $60 per game, per team. If it is an individual skill event, the cost is still $60 per player, per skill event.

For your $60 we take as many great digital action shots as we can get in your 25 minutes of play. We can shoot the entire team or just designated players, it's all the same price.

The Monday following the event we edit the photos and send them to you digitally via email.

Once you sign up we have all your information and take care of all the scheduling ourselves, there is no need for you to inform us of when you are playing and where.

From time to time we fill up our schedule and if that is the case you will receive an email letting you know you have been added to our waitlist.

If you end up on the waitlist we do the best we can to fit you in and in the event we were unable to shoot your game we simply refund the money that very day.

Check out at the bottom or just click the picture.